Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Pacific Union Conference
2686 Townsgate Road
PO Box 5005   91359-5005
Westlake Village, CA   91361-2701

Phone: 805-413-7100
Fax: 805-495-2644  Administration
805-413-7319  Education
805-413-7241  Treasury/Accounting
805-497-7099  Asian, PARL, Regional, Spanish





First dial the main switchboard at 805-413-7100, then dial the extension number -- the last three digits of the numbers shown below. Or just dial the numbers below.

Contact Phone/Extension Email
Accounting 805-413-7208 Email
Administration 805-413-7264 Email
African American Ministries 805-413-7388 Email
ASI 805-413-7264 Email
Asian-Pacific Ministries 805-413-7350 Email
Church Support Services 805-413-7372 Email

Communication (main desk)
     - Ray Tetz
     - Alicia Adams



Education 805-413-7314 Email
Hispanic Ministries 805-413-7384 Email
Human Resources 805-413-7232 Email
Literature Ministries 805-413-7372 Email
Ministerial Association 805-413-7264 Email
PlusLine Helpdesk 800-732-7587 Email
Public Affairs/Religious Liberty 805-413-7396 Email
Stewardship & Development 805-413-7350 Email
Trust Services/Gift Planning 805-413-7372 Email

Sabbath Time


Place: Westlake Village, CA

Start: 05:47 PM, 02/23/2018

End: 05:48 PM, 02/24/2018

Adventist News Network

Csm  6in puerto rico  adventist church continues to strengthen communities in wake of hurricane devastationcroppedforposting 62beed1983

In Puerto Rico, Adventist Church continues to strengthen communities in wake of hurricane devastation

Four months after the storm, 35 percent of the island is still without power.

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