Seventh-day Adventist Church


Horizontal Ruler below and between each section:

Basic font functionality:

Bold   Italic   Underline   Bold+Italic   Bold+Underline  Italic+Underline  Bold+Italic+Underline

Color test   Background color test

Font size test:

8 10 12 14 18 24 36

Bullets below:

  • one
    • one A
      • one A1
      • one A2

Numbered list below:

  1. one
    1. one A
      1. one A1
      2. one A2

Text with indents test below:

indented text

double indented line

Break and Paragraph test:

This is the first line of text and I've added BR in the HTML after this line:

This is the second line and I've added a P after this line:

final text.

Tables test below:

Table should be centered with a 3px border:

column width = 50

 no width set

red border

col width = 20
 Blue background
Two merged cells 12345 67890
  Two merged cells 1234567890