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Ted Benson, treasurer 

The treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Union. In this capacity, he is responsible for safeguarding all monies received by the Pacific Union Conference and disbursing them in harmony with policies voted by the Executive Committee. The treasurer maintains accurate and comprehensive accounting of church funds and presents accurate reports on a timely basis.

As chief financial officer, the treasurer coordinates the financial activities of the Union and its church-operated organizations.

The treasurer is responsible for the operation of the Union office and its facilities.

About Ted Benson

Ted Benson was elected treasurer of the Pacific Union in 2005, but has worked in the Pacific Union treasury since 1976—as systems analyst, associate treasurer and, since 2002, as undertreasurer.

Before coming to the Union office, Benson worked for Glendale Adventist Medical Center and Loma Linda University Medical Center doing accounting and computer systems development and operation. During his work at GAMC he helped facilitate the conversion from IBM systems to RCA/Univac systems. At LLUMC Benson was trained to handle IBM System 370 for scientific processing.

Benson, born in Riverside, California, graduated from La Sierra Academy and studied Business Administration and Accounting at Loma Linda University —La Sierra Campus. He completed training in Systems Engineering at IBM offices in Los Angeles.

Benson volunteers as Pathfinder area coordinator in the Southern California Conference and local elder in his church. He enjoys bicycling, hiking, exploring, geocaching and photography.

Ted is married to Beverly Kay Wood Benson. They have one adult son, Ted, Jr.


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Peggy Liebelt, administrative assistant


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